Tuesday, 15 January 2013

10 Personal Branding tips for Job Hunters

With  more graduates than there are job vacancies in Ghana, it’s not far from the truth to say that the job market in the country is saturated. However, day in and day out, older employees retire from their jobs; others resign from their positions to join new companies; a few leave to become entrepreneurs, and a good many employees get fired off their jobs for lousy performances. So that leaves the successful applicant with enough vacancies to choose from.

Yes, if you are the applicant then the choice lies with you. Successful personal brands do not have to comply with what they or others feel is available. It is said that good brands sell themselves, without much advertisement. The same can be true of a person. If you have a good brand, then you do not have to beg for anything you desire in life and that includes a job of their choice. But it all starts with a master plan.

Behind every master plan is an architect with an agenda. S/he understands firstly, that to come with a good plan, s/he needs to spend some quality time at it. So, to create a personal brand, you must first of all be willing to spend some quality time at creating that brand of yours. Note: Not ‘any- time’ but ‘quality- time’ spent well is always rewarding.  Okay, in this entry, I introduce you to seven steps on how to create a personal brand -for the purpose of finding a job of your choice. If you follow these steps correctly, I guarantee that you will in no time land yourself the job you always desired.

1.  Make up your Mind

 Yes. You need to finally decide what it is that you really want to do.  Don’t waste even five years of your life undecided on what profession you really want to have; otherwise, it’s ridiculous. --- For example, why on earth should you accept a job as an accounts clerk when your end goal is to become a human resource professional?  It’s a time wasting venture that doesn't take you any close to fulfilling your career’s aspirations. Decide on your career today. Make up your mind based on your interests, skills, abilities and educational background. 

  2.      Market yourself

 In 1956 it was noted in a New York Herald Tribune column, that "doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does”. It’s the same thing with marketing yourself. For instance, we know about job vacancies because the companies advertise them. How about you? If you are looking for a job, how many people know you, the kind of job you’re looking for and what it is that you can really do for their organization? It’s time to ‘show case’ your abilities, skills and even potentials to the world. In personal branding, it’s called your bragging rights! If you don’t think you’re any good, no one else will.

 To start your self marketing expedition (in order to get the job of your dreams) , you want to first and foremost, spend some time on creating a very professional, eye- catchy and distinct resume.
 Secondly, you need to upload your resume and have it profiled on-line. With that in mind, you want to take advantage of some of the most popular professional and social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and others which provide a platform by which you can easily network with professionals like you and indeed a good many company “decision makers” in every industry possible. By that I mean, you can through these sites meet your competitors and learn from their job hunting strategies; and even, better, by connecting with people on social networks, you stand a better chance at meeting CEOs, human resource managers and the like; people you may not have ordinarily met on a normal day.
Lastly, take advantage of all the technology that has enhanced the ‘global village’ world that we live in. 

3.       Narrow your Target employers to a specific Industry

Decide what industry you want to work in and then exert all your energy towards getting in. I know a lot of job seekers who keep hopping about from industry to industry. Please don’t be one of them. Keep in mind that today’s human resource generalists are very much concerned about labour productivity more than ever and as a result have devised several strategies to achieve the employee’s overall work place productivity. One of such strategies is looking for job specialists who must first of all be industry specialists, to occupy most organizational positions. It’s no longer just about your job experience but also where you obtained the job experience they’re looking for. Make up your mind already. To help you, I enlist below a few industries (in no specific order) that you may consider choosing from depending on where your interests are. However, if none of your interests are reflected here then feel free to contact me via email or if you find it more convenience to do, carry out an online search with all your interests in mind.  

The table below contains examples of various industries
Hospitality Health Communications Banking & Finance Retail/ Wholesale
Food & beverage Sports
Telecommunications Insurance Mines
Transportation Entertainment
Real estates
Electronics and manufacturing Investment Advising and Fund Management Oil & Gas
Medical & Healthcare equipment and engineering
Media and broadcasting
Investment & Financial Markets Research Energy & Utility
Audio Installation & Systems Integration  Third Party Administration Software Customization & Data Storage Legal Services
Land, Property, Factories

Information technology Water & Sanitation Consultancy
Construction related
General Research Accounting and taxation

4.       Decide first-hand what your worth is

One of the toughest interview questions for most job applicants I know has to do with their salary expectations. In as much as this is important, you may want to stay mindful of the fact that most employees use candidates’ salary expectations as a way of screening down on them. So, the best to do in all such cases is to get first- hand information on:
-          the job description
-          how much the company values the position (find out the salary range for it)
-          how much your educational qualifications coupled with your work experience is worth.
-          & then the issue of your personal worth can now be addressed. To determine this, consider doing a little research on the value of your skills, talents and all other abilities put together and how relevant it is to the position you’re applying for?
Noting that you’re not the only person on the job market, the key to battling this      can –be- problem is to stay realistic in your expectations. How much are you really worth?   

5.      Narrow down your job hunt to one or two companies

Yes, we are talking about getting your dream job. If it is, then you must have the company’s name in mind. A second company will only help you stay realistic in your toiling- getting your dream job may not always be an easy task.  However, whatever you do, never appear to be desperate.

6.      Align the said company’s needs with your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA)

 Okay, so you finally decided on what career you wanted, the industry you want to get in, your salary expectations, and also what company you want to work for. Congratulations!! I am sure it was no easy task.
 Now that you are here, you need to understand also that job hunting is not always about you. Companies open for job positions to meet their occupational needs. For example, we buy products on the market to satisfy our needs; which Abraham Maslow helped group into physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization .

 In the same manner, companies have their own needs; some of them being  to constantly have efficient and effective operating systems as well as the need for competent people to manage the already set systems in order to achieve organizational goals. So whenever there is a vacant place in any of their systems, processes or managers of aspects of their systems and processes, then they have a need-which must be met. To do just that, companies look towards the job market, in order to select the best human ‘products’ possible to meet their occupational needs.

 So in other words, if you indeed want the job of your dreams, you need to identify the needs of the company you want to work for and then align your abilities, skills and attributes towards meeting that organization’s needs. If you choose, you can apply the demand and supply theory here as well.  
7.  Get to know some of the key people in that organization

Great! So you know what you want to do. You know where you’re going and also what you are going to do there. Now! You are getting closer and closer to accomplishing your dream. And it’s time to plan how to get in.
Fortunately or unfortunately, the job hunting trends experienced by a lot of our fresh graduates as well as the recruitment processes in most organizations- I know- are becoming more and more centralized around the ‘who you know’ phenomenon- perhaps for credibility reasons. But depending on how you look at it, the “who you know” trend can prove to be your greatest asset as a job seeker. Yes! How?

Well, I’ll try and explain this to the best of my ability. For one, you may not always have the prerequisite a company requires to occupy certain positions. However, you may be confident, that if given the opportunity, you could fit nicely into that position and even move it to the next level. But how on earth will you convince a mere stranger to entrust you with such responsibility? Well, by sheer lack, that could happen. But my point is, the best solution in such circumstances is the reliance on the power of ‘Knowledge’. The “who you know’s, can easily be your “middle men/women” to get in.
First of all, they can be of great help by furnishing you with the job vacancy and job description details. Secondly, they can (if they’re key people) use their influence to get you in.
 So, don’t be discouraged at the “who you know” job seeking selection processes that a lot of companies use. Instead, use the observed fact to your advantage.
So you don’t know anybody in that organization? Huh! Well then there’s always a first time. Focus all your energies at this stage to getting to know the key people in that organization of your choice. And remember always that Knowledge is power.

8.      Be successful with your other talents

Well, by the sixth stage, you should have at your fingers tips the art of personal branding for the purpose of getting yourself the job of your dreams. Now, it’s time to prove that you are a real gem.  Don’t just brag about your talents, display them. Showcase ‘everything’ you've got to the world. Plus, it doesn't have to relate to your present career at all. If you have a football talent, then it’s time to let the world know about it; if you can sing then what are you waiting for? When was the last time you were attracted to someone because of their talent. Well, CEO’s are no different. They too like nice things and nice people around them.
Note: if your talent happens to be amoral, then it will be more beneficial to keep it away from public eye.

9.      Keep up appearances

I am simply trying to reemphasize how you desperately need to stay on guard around your day to day activities; because, there’s always ‘a cloud of witnesses’ around you. So, act like a star. Do stop eating in the streets and staring at others or even worse into space. People will think you are an idiot. Be the autograph giver not the exasperating person who harasses dignitaries for their attention. Watch your manners, the way you walk, the isolated words that come out of your mouth and your general appearance at any given occasion. You never know the day or the night that you might meet your knight in shining armor. 

I doubt it if we need to be reminded about good and bad mannerisms. I bet we had enough of that at kindergarten level. Wonderful! Now, I want to talk a little more on making your good first impressions by the clothes, shoes, hair and attitude you wear.

Your Clothing

First of all- style is not exclusive for singers and movie actors. It’s for everyone who wants to make a very good first impression with whom ever. My first advice to this topic is to take a critical look at your wardrobe. From item to item, thrust aside any outfit you find unappealing for professional purposes. I know unappealing can be relative, so I provide below a standard criterion within which to scrutinize your own clothing. If at the end of the task, you end up trashing everything you own then don’t worry, it’s always best to get rid of your liabilities. Go to your local store and select a new ‘keeping up appearances’, job hunting wardrobe. If you can afford designer bits and pieces, then good for you- If not, then work with me to select the most appropriately striking shirts, trousers, skirts, ties,  and accessories.

Style areas to look out for

i.       Color

 The color of the clothes you wear can make you look attractive, bright, shape or dull even if care is not taken. To be on a safe side, select a color palette of clothing to suit your complexion. Avoid gloomy colors like – grey, ash and brown for your tops and blouses, otherwise they make you look tired. Also if you happen to be color blind, then consider taking a friend along when you go shopping or if possible, ask the sales person for their opinion on colors that best suit your complexion. Avoid colors that melt you into the background and make you look like a zombie. In my opinion, you need to choose things that will contrast with your skin color. If you have a darker complexion, then consider bright colors that will contrast with your skin tone. Pick bright colors that you love for your tops and pair them up with shades like black or white.
Also, when you choose your colors be considerate of the wall and brand colors of the organization you visit, if it is appropriate to do so then choose something close to their color range. For example, don’t go to the MTN office wearing a white shirt; be considerate that that their yellow brand will glare at your white- and because they are both bright colors, (with yellow being the brightest) you will end up looking bizarre, like you misplaced a signed cheque. Instead consider contrasting their yellow with say a well saturated green shirt (depending on how well it also contrasts your own skin color).  Finally remember especially if you can help it that dark colored tops generally make you look jaundiced. So what ever the case may be, make sure your colors are bright, cheerful and saturated.

ii.       Brightness

Avoid dull colours as well as light- bright colors, like light green, light blue, light pink and the like. They have too much light, and can stalking to the eye. If you choose to wear them though, then remember to hue them with darker petticoats, ties or belts.  But whatever you do avoid crazy yellows, hot oranges, juicy reds, and violent purples. You don’t want to look like a pre-scholar’s paint art.

iii.      Contrast

If you want to have a stunning look, then contrast your colors. Also pick things that will emphasize aspects of your body that you’re proud of.  For example, a well saturated blue shirt will highlight your upper body whist a black trousers will emphasize long legs and a smaller body beneath your waist. So if you want to look slimmer than you actually are then black is good for you. Otherwise, go for bright, highly saturated colors in which the contrast is high enough.

 iv     Fabric

I personally do not endorse any silk and satin fabrics, of the color purple,velvet also of cloth mixed or embroideries or laces of gold, silver for abvious reasons such as they make you look like a superstart and will drive people away from you. Also none should wear in his apperal You can however get away with them if they are ties well bleaned with dull blacks or browns.  The reason is that they are more amorously appealing and don’t transmit a message of I trust you. It’s not the right place for it. For which purposes, I believe satin and cotton tops are more appropriate. And for downs, cotton is best. Wares Don’t ever wear any fur in your cloths don’t ever over-dress

For more color analyzing information, you could visit the color post on www.chicfashionista.com , or better still, read a book specially written to the topic. 

 v. Shoes

  I love to walk, and because of that, I used to make my footwear chooses based on comfort. But ‘Ghana man’ will tell you point- blank ‘na big lie’. It’s not just about comfort but also about the message you are transmitting to people whenever you walk out of your home. For instance, front pointed male shoes can suggest to people that you are an insecure person while high heels for any lady will show that she is confident and possibly good at executing tasks. So don’t go for anything that just seeks to cover your soll. Aha! And that reminds me of the eyesore I keep witnessing in Accra- Professionals who are happy to wear sandals, slippers, and half shoes to work. I think all our outfits including our traditional Friday’s specials should reflect international workplace dress- codes. So, that brings us to my shoe advice number one,   never, ever show any part of your feet if you’re trying to sell yourself as being professional to your prospective employer, client or any other professional. It communicates a lack of seriousness and dependency- of- character on your part. Keep that in mind.  

vi. Hair

I recommend for males short and well cut head and facial hairs. If you are a sales person, especially, then you may want to consider doing away- completely with mustaches or whiskers even. In a research it was discovered that in 2001, that mustaches tend to send the signal that a professional is not to be trusted and maybe hiding something about their product behind their mustache.

The do not’s for lady-jobseekers –include glaringly- fake hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Otherwise, they risk coming out as being fake.
And of course, what ever you do to your hair, whether you are male or female, strike a balance between being the first to discover the latest style and not coming out as outmoded. Be as charming as you possibly can be, while maintaining your best professional look.

 vii.  Attitude

How? It starts with the right attitude. Learn how to smile always. But remember not to smile when it’s inappropriate to do so at a given time.  Be careful with emotional outbursts like anger, ridiculous laughter (that makes you look like a fool) and feel in the blanks…….Be proactive. Maintain  the ''can do'' attitude that will reflect in your appearance.   

10. Lastly, Never stop improving yourself.

 In other words, never stop educating yourself or learning new skills. Be open to changing trends. Read the newspapers. Read books written by other professionals. -As a matter of fact, set reading targets for yourself. If it helps, then join a business book club, like the one I run on weekends. If you live in Accra or nearby and are interested, then contact me about our next meeting. A degree doesn't always get you a job ;many times your success depends on how well you package and market yourself.


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